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Charlie Sheen did what? Lindsey Lohan went where? Britney Spears fell performing? My best friend is getting married? My brother’s wife is pregnant? Phil Collins retired from music? What just happened in the Middle East? There was a new offensive by the rebels in Libya? The health care reform is in the senate? WHAT’S GOING ON?

If you’re like us, the first thing you do when you wake up or get into work (we’re desperately hoping our boss doesn’t read this) is check Facebook, Twitter, news feeds and blogs to keep up with the current stream of endless information on the Internet. Next thing you know, you have endless pages open on your browser and you have to constantly check them to make sure you didn’t “miss” anything.

With the Vibrant Rioja PAL™, you won’t need to remember URL addresses for blogs or news sites and there won’t be any more logins or passwords for social media sites. The Vibrant Rioja PAL™ is a control panel that lives in your desktop and enables you to monitor everything you’re interested in that’s happening on the web, including news, blogs and social media. And it’s constantly updating, so you don’t have to keep opening up your browser to check!

Go ahead, give it a try and you’ll have all the information you’ve ever wanted from the internet at your fingertips, only one click away.

You can download the Vibrant Rioja PAL™ from the Vibrant Rioja website.

So open up a nice bottle of Rioja, sit back, relax and start “surfing” the web like never before!