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Romanticizing with Rioja

Oh Valentine’s Day, a day for some to remember, and a day for some to forget. Regardless of which one it is for you, you won’t find a better companion than Rioja. Rekindling your love? Hoping to impress that special someone in your life? Or simply trying to forget? Maybe hiding away from everything?

Fear not! Thanks to Rioja, there is no need to rely on the beloved (and sometimes scorned) Cupid for a special Valentine's Day. You can throw out the mass-produced greeting card and the candy conversation hearts too. Simply replace the poetry of Chaucer with the expressions of flavor from a glass of Rioja. Do you know how actions speak louder than words? Well, Riojas speak, at least, a thousand times louder than actions! Trust us, we have empirical evidence backing this up…

Regardless of whether you're romancing a love interest -- or yourself -- sharing the night with a friend, or commemorating a relationship, Rioja is the best way to honor this day of love (or lack thereof).

Dinner with Rioja

Thinking of having a romantic dinner for two (or yourself)? Check out the recipes we have to offer at Rioja and a home cooked meal? Irresistible!

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Oh, and a very happy Valentine’s Day from Vibrant Rioja!