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Think Pink! Rioja Rosados & Fresh Summer Fare

Rioja rosado

What’s better on a warm, breezy summer day than a glass of chilled Rioja rosado? Nada! Rosados are crisp and refreshing offering enough rich fruit flavor to satisfy red wine lovers and food-friendly acidity for those who prefer whites. These pink sippers from Rioja pair perfectly with light summer fare, such as salads, grilled chicken, fish, cold cuts and cheese. For your next outdoor gathering this summer, don’t forget to think pink!

Rioja rosado

Win A BBQ Grill Kit!

Throughout the summer, the Vibrant Rioja community can enter to win the perfect BBQ hook-up! Each month, one lucky winner will receive a Rioja “Tames the Flame” Grill Kit, including a sweet set of grilling tools, Rioja apron, our new Rub Recipe booklet, and a $25 gift certificate to
Enter now!

header Spotlight on Rioja

For fun facts, little-known places and quirky attractions, check out this spotlight on a little Rioja trivia!

Fiestas de San Bernabe If there’s one thing (besides wine) that Rioja loves, it’s a good festival. Held in the capital city of Logroño each June, the “Fiestas de San Bernabé” is one of the many colorful festivals to visit! According to legend, the inhabitants of Logroño survived an attack by the French in 1521 by drinking wine from their cellars and eating fish caught secretly by sneaking out through tunnels. Today, festivities include food and wine tastings, fireworks, concerts, Rioja village dancing, and a medieval battle reenactment. Check out more Rioja festivals here!

header Rioja in the News
The Latin Kitchen

Cinco de Vino!

The charming World Wine Guys, Mike DeSimone and Jeff Jenssen favor two Crianzas for a Mexican-themed dinner party in their article for The Latin Kitchen! Check out their fun and affordable wine recommendations in "Celebrate Cinco de Vino May 5th" — an excellent reason to celebrate with a glass of vino this summer. ¡Salud!

header Rioja Featured Tastings





Rioja Crianza and Reserva Tasting with Tacos Gordos at Union Square Wines – New York, NY
June 22
1 - 4 pm

Pop-Up Chef BBQ and Rioja Tasting at Urban Grape – Boston, MA
June 23
7 pm


Rioja Rioja “Tames the Flame” Tasting at Binny’s Lincoln Park – Chicago, IL
June 15
1 – 4 pm

Rioja “Tames the Flame” Tasting at Mainstreet Liquor – Countryside, IL
June 22
1 – 4 pm



West Coast


"Ruta de Vino" Grand Tasting featuring Rioja Wines
at B-21 Wine Company – Tarpon Springs, FL

June 9
2 - 5 pm
$25 per ticket

Grilling & Rioja: “Tame the Flame Party” at B-21 Wine Company – Tarpon Springs, FL
June 29
1 - 4 pm


Rioja Wine Mixer at Vinoteque on Melrose – Hollywood, CA
June 23
5:30 - 7 pm

Rioja for Summer at K & L Wine Merchants – San Francisco, CA
June 23
1 - 4 pm pm
$25 per person

For all our upcoming events, visit our online calendar.

Special Event: Rioja weekend at Total Wine & More!

Taste through a delicious selection of Riojas at a Total Wine & More near you Friday, June 7 through Sunday, June 9. Check out Total Wine & More’s Rioja tasting event schedule here!

header Recipe of the Month

Rioja Rub of the Month: Chicken!

For your next barbeque, check out our featured June recipe, Chicken Rub, along with Rioja wine pairing tips. Get this recipe here.

Please share your thoughts and favorite barbeque recipes on Facebook and Twitter!

header The Minds Behind the Wines

Ever wonder who “we” are here at Rioja wines, and what we do? In 2013, we will feature profiles of two Vibrant Rioja team members. Nice to meet you, too!


Name: Pia
Role: Director of Media & Social Media
What do you love about wine? Is everything too broad of an answer? I fell in love with wine from my first sip and every moment since. After a decade working in the wine world, that’s a whole lot of moments! What I suppose I love most is the excitement just before you open a bottle in discovering something new and beautiful.
What’s your favorite part of working with wine? I feel like I won the career lotto. I work in my area of passion, and have the chance to share that with others every day.
It’s your last meal...what would you eat and drink? Ah, my death row meal! This is easy. I would spend my last moments eating my Grandma’s ravioli and my Mom’s chicken cutlets paired with a few old and beautiful bottles from a classic house in Haro, Rioja’s Railway Station District and maybe Nuits-Saint-Georges. Then, my Aunt Mary’s ricotta cookies to end my perfect meal.
Share your favorite cool, but random wine fact. When French vineyards were crippled by phylloxera at the end of the 19th century, Texas saved the day! A scientist living in Denison, Texas developed a rootstock that was resistant to the disease, allowing the French to rebuild their beloved industry. Dr. Munson received the French Legion of Honor, and to this day, Denison and Cognac, France are official Sister Cities.


Name: Denise
Role: Advertising and Newsletter Manager
What do you love about wine? More than anything, I love the social nature of wine. Sharing wine with friends, family (and even strangers) is always a bonding experience.
What’s your favorite part of working with wine? ? It’s wine! How can you not love it? I truly learn something new every day…about wine varieties, regions, flavors, food pairings…too much to even mention! And as the advertising and newsletter manager, I have the pleasure of spreading the word across the U.S. about Rioja wines and the fascinating, beautiful Rioja region.
It’s your last meal... what would you eat and drink? I would have a nighttime seafood feast on the beach on a Caribbean island. With a local island beer (or two or three…) And a bonfire. And a steel drum band.
Share your favorite cool, but random wine fact. The wreck of the Titanic holds the oldest wine cellar in the world and, despite the depth and wreckage, the bottles are still intact. Fascinating!

header Last Sip

Cheryl Cooperman Meet Cheryl…Mom Extraordinaire and Winner of our Trip to Rioja Sweepstakes!

When Cheryl Cooperman of Florida was randomly selected as the winner of our Facebook “Win a Trip to Rioja” Sweepstakes, she was thrilled, having never won anything before. However, Hurricane Sandy had just devastated her daughter’s home, and she chose to forfeit her trip to Rioja in exchange for the cash equivalent to help rebuild her daughter’s home. Touched by Cheryl’s sacrifice and dedication to family, Vibrant Rioja was happy to bring the beauty of Rioja to Cheryl with a special Rioja wine dinner for two. Click here to read about this beautiful story and her well-deserved Rioja dinner with her husband at Capital Grille in Florida. Congratulations Cheryl!

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