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Break Out Your Grill as Rioja Tames the Flame!

grilling with rioja

We have some good news for you. Summer’s coming! For us, that means plenty of sunshine and our favorite libation paired with some serious grilling action. From fresh vegetables to savory lamb, Riojans love outdoor grilling with their favorite glass of Rioja white, red or rosado – simply pick your favorite!

Just in time for your Memorial Day cookouts, click here for our Rioja Tames the Flame! barbeque rub recipes, offering up plenty of flavor for your favorite seafood or meat dish.

Grab your favorite tasty beverage and fire up that grill!

Wine with Dinner

Win Dinner for Two... On Us!

This month, we are offering the Vibrant Rioja community an exclusive chance to win a Rioja wine dinner for two. One lucky winner will receive a $150 gift certificate to a local restaurant for a fabulous meal paired
with Riojas. Enter now!

Congratulations to April’s winner, Jane V. from Gainesville, GA!

header Spotlight on Rioja

For fun facts, little-known places and quirky attractions, check out this spotlight on a little Rioja trivia!

River in Rioja Mountain in Rioja Rioja is, of course, famous for its gorgeous landscape dotted with Spain’s finest wineries, but did you know the region is also abundant with stunning mountain ranges, national parks and nature preserves?

In between winery visits, you can enjoy windsurfing on the Gonzalez reservoir and canoeing on the white waters of the Iregua and Najerilla rivers. Or ski, cave and climb the Demanda and Urbión mountain ranges. Thrillists can experience bungee jumping over the river Jubera or paragliding and hang-gliding over the San Millán and Leza Valleys.

Wine + adventure = a vacation to remember, si?

header Rioja in the News
Seafood Paella

Throw a Rioja Paella Party!

Warmer days and sunny skies scream out for a paella party and wines to pair! The LA Times offered up a delicious paella recipe with chicken, shrimp and mussels, paired with an aged white Rioja. Wine Enthusiast magazine presents another good outdoor party recipe, pairing smoked potatoes and chili-kewpie mayo with a Rioja Tempranillo Reserva.


header Rioja Featured Tastings





Rioja Tasting at 67 Wines
New York, NY
May 10
5 - 8 pm

Rioja Tasting at MacArthur Beverages
Washington, D.C
May 18
1 - 4 pm

Rioja Tasting at Pamplemousse
Salem, MA
May 23
4 - 7 pm


Rioja Wine at WineFest No. 18 “A Toast to Children’s Health”
Minneapolis, MN
To benefit the University of Minnesota Amplatz Children's Hospital
May 10 & May 11

Grand Tasting
Details Wine Symposium
Rioja Reserva Wine Reception
Black Tie Dinner



West Coast


In-Store Rioja Wine Tasting at ABC Wine & Spirits
Orlando, FL

May 8
6 - 8 pm
Tickets: $10


“Riojas for Summer” Tasting at K & L Wine Merchants
Hollywood, CA

June 6
5:30 - 7 pm
Please call to RSVP 323.464.9463

For all our upcoming events, visit our online calendar.

header Recipe of the Month

Rioja Rubs Kick up the Flavor!

Rioja’s natural bounty and historical abundance of local pig and sheep farms have influenced a long and rich tradition of grilling in Rioja. So much so that we have created our own rub recipes for all types of food on the grill. We will feature one of our rub recipes each month this summer, and Rioja pairing suggestions, as well!

Click here for our first featured recipe, the Burger Rub, perfect for Memorial Day cookouts. Share your thoughts and favorite barbeque recipes on Facebook and Twitter!

header The Minds Behind the Wines

Ever wonder who “we” are here at Rioja wines, and what we do? In 2013, we will feature profiles of two Vibrant Rioja team members. Nice to meet you, too!


Name: Saurabh
Role: Rioja Regional Specialist – Midwest
What do you love about wine?The mystery of bouquet; every bottle of wine is unique and has its own flavor and taste. Sharing that bottle of wine with friends and family to discover the taste, smell, story, region, reaction of my friends...the happiness... it’s all a discovery process that engages the mind, heart and soul.
What’s your favorite part of working with wine? Meeting people who are passionate about wine, and sharing stories and a glass (or two) of wine with them.
It’s your last meal...what would you eat and drink? Food that is made with love, paired with a Rioja from 1947.
Share your favorite cool, but random wine fact. It takes 200 years for a French oak tree to grow and make only two barrels.


Name: Maliya
Role: Point of Sale/Creative Production Manager
What do you love about wine? There is something so luxurious AND casual about wine! I love how it can bring people together and make them begin to relax and enjoy the moment. How often is that first sip the “Ahhh” moment for you? For me, it’s every time.
What’s your favorite part of working with wine? I love sourcing new products for events and making sure they are products that people want to keep around. I want our brand to be recognized by everyone – not just wine drinkers.
It’s your last meal... what would you eat and drink? A good slice of pizza and a Crianza.
Share your favorite cool, but random wine fact. My grandfather made wine in his basement in Detroit for as long as I can remember and had these fun illustrated labels.

header Last Sip

Wine Chart Ever wonder what the color of your wine means about the flavor?

Have no fear, the Wine Color Chart* is here! Our friends from Wine Folly have created a handy and informative chart unlocking the meaning behind those shades of red and white. See the complete chart here (Love it? The wine posters are for sale!)

*Like us on Facebook for more cool wine finds every day!

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