April 2013

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Wine Trends to Watch this Spring

Here are two big trends to watch courtesy of TIME Magazine from the New York Wine Expo held last month in NYC:


Pink is the New Black: Rosé, Rosado, rosato, blush…whatever you call these pink wines, their popularity continues to grow at breakneck speed. These highly desirable pink wines (called rosados in Spain) are dry, crisp and refreshing with endless food pairing opportunities.


Diamonds in the Rough: It’s not new, but as consumers become more knowledgeable about wine, there is an expectation of better quality at value prices. Over time, an educated consumer learns the regions that offer this quality, and will seek their wines out.

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header Rioja in the News
Comfort Food Pizza with Wine

Rioja is “The Spanish Wine that Dominates Comfort Food”

Popular wine and food blog, Catavino placed the spotlight on Rioja wines as the ideal pairing for comfort food. Wine writer Louis Villard proposes classic American comfort foods like pizza, mac and cheese, Chinese takeout and burgers as perfect Rioja food pairings. We can’t argue with that.


header Campaign News

Rioja was a top winner in Snooth’s 1st Annual People’s Voice Awards, receiving accolades for 14 wines. These wines were honored at the NYC Grand Tasting, attended by over 600 trade, press and consumers.

Winning Riojas included:


Muga Rosado 2012


Muga Reserva 2008


Campo Viejo Gran Reserva 2004


Campo Viejo Tempranillo 2010


Campo Viejo Reserva 2007


Marqués de Riscal Reserva 2007


Marqués de Riscal Proximo 2009


Marqués de Cáceres Crianza 2009


Roda I Reserva 2005


Conde de Valdemar Crianza 2008


CVNE Imperial Reserva 2005


Ramón Bilbao Crianza 2009


Ramón Bilbao Gran Reserva 2004


Artadi Viñas de Gain 2009

Snooth Event Photo 1 Snooth Event Photo 2

You can view all the winning wines here.

header The Minds Behind the Wines

Ever wonder who “we” are here at Rioja wines, and what we do? In 2013, we will feature profiles of two Vibrant Rioja team members. Nice to meet you, too!

Julie Stas

Name: Julie Stas
Role: Media Relations + Social Media + Trade Relations = Wearer of many hats
What do you love about wine? Each wine is uniquely beautiful. You spend some time getting to know a bottle and in turn, learn the history of a region, vineyard and family.
What’s your favorite part of working with wine? You can explore the world of wine for years and still learn something new. It is ever-changing and endlessly interesting.
It’s your last meal...what would you eat and drink? Stas pierogies (shout out to my grandma!) and a glass of Baigorri Crianza would make me a very happy lady.
Share your favorite cool, but random wine fact. Plato believed that when a man reaches 40, he may drink as much as he likes to combat the “crabbedness of old age.” Sure, I’ll raise a glass to that!

Daniel Walsh

Name: Daniel Walsh
Role: Consultant
What do you love about wine? Getting to know a country through its food and viticulture.
What’s your favorite part of working with wine? I love to pour at wine tastings. Everyone has a different experience with each wine, and I get to share that with them.
It’s your last meal... what would you eat and drink? Champagne and oysters.
Share your favorite cool, but random wine fact. Since taste and smell work in tandem, women tend to be better wine tasters owning to a more sensitive nose.

header Rioja Across the U.S.

South Walton Beaches Wine and Food Festival Rioja Partners With Top Chefs in Florida

We are delighted to partner with Norman Van Aken, Giorgio Rapicavoli and Brian Siebenschuh, three of the most well-respected chefs in Florida for their exclusive Friday night Gran Reserva and Reserva Wine and Food Pairing event at the South Walton Beaches Wine & Food Festival. We can also be found mingling with celebrity chefs, pairing Riojas with their creations as the sponsor of the Festival’s Savor South Walton Culinary Pavilion. Our very own Dhane Chesson will also lead a wine panel discussion of top Rioja producers. This special event will kick off the Festival’s tasting seminars, which are included as part of the Grand Tasting ticket. Events will be held April 26-28. For more details, click here.

Wine Fest No. 18 Rioja for a Cause

Don’t forget about WineFest No.18 – A Toast to Children’s Health, a wonderful food and wine event with an even better cause. Held May 10-11 in Minneapolis, WineFest weekend includes sumptuous food and Rioja wine tastings with special guest winemakers, a chance to win a trip for two to Rioja, and other fun entertainment. Click here for details.

Rioja Partying in Charleston

Vibrant Rioja poured some luscious picks at the Charleston Food & Wine Festival held February 28 to March 3. Guests toasted Riojas at “The Art Institute of Charleston Presents Salute to Charleston’s Chefs: Opening Night Party” and in the Grand Tasting tents throughout the weekend. Vibrant Rioja’s Dhane Chesson also led a sold-out seminar for guests called “Rioja, Spain: Tempranillo and Beyond.”

Charleston Photo 1 Charleston Photo 2 Charleston Photo 3

Check out all our upcoming events around the country here.

header Rioja Supports Retail
Vibrant Rioja window display

Interested in creating a rich Rioja program to offer the clientele at your store, restaurant or bar? Vibrant Rioja can generate a customized, results-driven package for your business.

Please contact vpinzon@crt-tanaka.com for further information.

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