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Celebrate Spring with 3 Perfect Picnic Pairings!

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Spring has sprung, leaving no better time to enjoy some sun and fresh air at a fun picnic with friends and family. Pack a basket, a comfy blanket, some non-breakable glasses and these tasty treats for the perfect picnic outing:

•  Lemon Pepper Chicken Salad + a crisp and refreshing Rioja white (blanco)
•  Oven Fried Chicken + a crisp and fruity Rioja rosé (rosado)
•  Artisanal cured meats (like Spanish chorizo or jamón) and a soft and spicy Rioja Crianza red

Don’t forget your corkscrew... cheers!

Wine with Dinner

Win Dinner for Two... On Us!

This month, we are offering the Vibrant Rioja community an exclusive chance to win a Rioja wine dinner for two. One lucky winner will receive a $150 gift certificate to a local restaurant for a fabulous meal paired
with Riojas.
Enter now!

header Spotlight on Rioja

For fun facts, little-known places and quirky attractions in the region, check out this section for a little Rioja trivia!

Dinosaur in Rioja Dinosaur Footprints You likely already know about Rioja’s stunning landscapes, architecture and amazing wines, but did you know it’s also famous for... dinosaurs? 120 million years ago, the region was an ideal home for various dinosaur species. Dinosaur footprints were forever fossilized, and amazingly, Rioja now has one of the greatest concentrations of cataloged footprints in the world – over 10,000! Read here for more info!

header Rioja in the News
Comfort Food Pizza with Wine

Rioja is “The Spanish Wine that Dominates Comfort Food”

Popular Iberian wine and food blog, Catavino featured some awesome wine pairings for comfort food. It might surprise you to know that Rioja partners perfectly with classic comfort foods, like pizza, mac and cheese, Chinese takeout and burgers.


header Rioja Featured Tastings





Rioja Grand Tastings at South Walton Beaches Wine & Food Festival
April 27 and April 28
Miramar Beach, FL


Rioja Wines at 2013 DiCarlo Spring Wine, Food & Craft Beer Festival
April 13
12pm – 5pm
Mundelein, IL
Tickets: $30-$35 per person



West Coast


Rioja Tasting with Tapas at Bottlerocket Wine & Spirit
April 11
5pm – 8pm
New York, NY

Rioja Tasting at Calvert Woodley Wines & Spirits
April 13
2pm – 5pm
Washington, DC


Rioja Wines and TED Ex
April 14
6pm - 7pm
West Hollywood, CA

Rioja Tasting at Monopole Wine
April 27
4pm – 7pm
Pasadena, CA
Tickets: $20

For all our upcoming events, visit our online calendar.

header Recipe of the Month
Pollo al Ajillo

Pollo al Ajillo (Chicken with Garlic) from Chef José Andrés

In honor of national garlic month (yes, there is a month for everything), here is a fantastic Spanish chicken dish from celebrity Chef José Andrés. Chicken can be seen as ordinary, but until recently, it was an expensive item in Spain. This dish combined an affordable ingredient (garlic) with a more exclusive ingredient (chicken), and is now a classic tapa. The sauce left behind is perfect for dipping bread, and pairs beautifully with wines from the Rioja Alavesa subregion, such as Ysios Reserva, or Luis
Alegre Rosado.

Check out the recipe here. Yum!

header The Minds Behind the Wines

People often wonder who “we” are here at Rioja wines, and what we do. Yes, we are lucky enough to work with Rioja wines every day, and YES, they actually pay us for this! In 2013, we will highlight two Vibrant Rioja team members. Nice to meet you, too!

Julie Stas

Name: Julie Stas
Role: Media Relations + Social Media + Trade Relations = Wearer of many hats
What do you love about wine? Each wine is uniquely beautiful. You spend some time getting to know a bottle and in turn, learn the history of a region, vineyard and family.
What’s your favorite part of working with wine? You can explore the world of wine for years and still learn something new. It is ever-changing and endlessly interesting.
It’s your last meal...what would you eat and drink? Stas pierogies (shout out to my grandma!) and a glass of Baigorri Crianza would make me a very happy lady.
Share your favorite cool, but random wine fact. Plato believed that when a man reaches 40, he may drink as much as he likes to combat the “crabbedness of old age.” Sure, I’ll raise a glass to that!

Daniel Walsh

Name: Daniel Walsh
Role: Consultant
What do you love about wine? Getting to know a country through its food and viticulture.
What’s your favorite part of working with wine? I love to pour at wine tastings. Everyone has a different experience with each wine, and I get to share that with them.
It’s your last meal... what would you eat and drink? Champagne and oysters.
Share your favorite cool, but random wine fact. Since taste and smell work in tandem, women tend to be better wine tasters owning to a more sensitive nose.

header Last Sip

Toasting We are incredibly excited to announce our Facebook* Win a Trip to Rioja Sweepstakes winner! Raise a glass of Rioja and toast CONGRATULATIONS to Grand Prize winner Cheryl Cooperman of Sunrise, FL! Cheryl has won a Trip for Two to Rioja, Spain. Congrats to second place winner Steve Shepard of Kirkland, WA who won a $250 gift certificate to Brix Wine Bar to enjoy some Riojas. Stay tuned for the winner’s Rioja experience and story.

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