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50 Under $25- Some of the Best Rose Wines to Try This Summer

09 June
2017-06-09 00:00:00
2017-06-09 00:00:00

50 Under $25- Some of the Best Rose Wines to Try This Summer

Memorial Day  has come and gone. It’s summer, and that means itis time to bust out the pink wine.Things to know about rosé wines:

1) Pink wines can be almost colorless or look like liquefiedwatermelon Jolly Ranchers, or anything in between. The color ofthe wine and the intensity of the flavor are sometimes correlatedbut by no means always, so don’t assume color equals flavor.

2) The wines on this list come from all over the world and a coupledozen different varietals. Thus, they are listed alphabetically, notranked. There are very intense rosés and very light, whisperyones, very traditional ones and some oddballs-in other words,something for everyone. None of them should tax your wallet tothe tune of more than $25, and some are quite a bit less. This isoften an indication of more overlooked regions or unconventionalvarietals, not quality. Everything here has been tasted and vetted.You’re welcome!

3) Rosé wine can be made from any red, black, purple or at alltinted grape. A couple of the wines on this list are technically“ramato” or orange wines, which are lightly tinted grapesfermented on the skins.

4) What rosé wines should not be: Snooty, fussy, difficult,impenetrable, or confusing.

5) Rosé are almost always stellar and versatile food wines, but they also stand alone beautifully, especially on a warm afternoon.They are refreshing and pleasant and will not weigh you down (forthose of us who don’t enjoy the “liquid loaf of bread” effect ofbeer, this can be a welcome change of pace for your taste buds andyour waistband). The south of France is usually considered the Promised Land for pink wines-but they say “summer evening gettogether” in any language.

Read more here.

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