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Rioja Wine Educator Program

What is the Rioja Educator Program?                  


The Rioja educator program is an initiative from the Consejo (Control Board ) of the Rioja DOCa (Qualified Designation of Origin). The aim is to identify and train wine educators in order to enable them to transmit information about Rioja’s wines to professional and consumer audiences around the world.


Graduates of the Rioja educator program will become ‘official Rioja educators’ charged with transmitting knowledge and enthusiasm about the region’s wines.


Graduates will be awarded a certificate that is valid for four years, and can be used when promoting seminars and events aimed at communicating about Rioja to a broader audience.


A Rioja wine educator “will know about Rioja, know how to communicate about Rioja and know how to make people passionate about Rioja."


Training Objectives


Once a Rioja educator has completed the program, they should be capable of communicating their enthusiasm for and knowledge of Rioja wines to both consumers and members of the wine trade


Due to their technical knowledge and tasting proficiency, as certified during the course of the program, a Rioja educator will be able to fulfill the following briefs:


  • To teach consumers and wine trade professionals about all aspects of the Rioja DOCa region
  • To train consumers and wine trade professionals about the hallmark characteristics of the various wines of the Rioja region by means of a combination of theory and practical tastings
  • To design, manage and evaluate courses based on wines from the Rioja DOCa region
  • To act as an ambassador of the Rioja DOCa region



Potential Rioja Educators: A Profile


The ideal Rioja educator will have at least two years of professional experience working within the wine trade, and will have a particular interest in the wines of Rioja.


The ideal candidate could come from any of the following backgrounds:


  • Sommeliers
  • Those working as a buyer or salesperson for an importer/distributor/retailer. Their company could be a Spanish specialist or have a strong selection of Spanish wines within their portfolio
  • Specialist wine educators working with consumers, wine students or members of the wine trade
  • Journalists or other professional wine communicators





The Rioja certified wine educator will make several commitments in order to opt for the renewal of the Certificate of Rioja Educator. He/She shall send to the Director/Coordinator of the program a document in which shall be included the following detailed information on all activities carried out, including if necessary any graphic material, web links and publications. The following shall be taken into account for renovation of the certificate:


  • Documents that certify the training of 200 people (Consumers or trade) over two years, pursuant to the undertaking signed at the end of the course.
  • Active participation in the online Community of Rioja educators.
  • Publication of articles in the press ( media professionals ) on Rioja or be active at social media ( media and trade professionals)
  • The creation of additional materials for the course.
  • Any other activities with which the message of Rioja is transmitted
  • Annual report to be sent to the DOCA Rioja wine educator program director with the actions and results of your job carried out with graphic proofs (blogs entries, published articles, presentations)





Potential candidates for the Rioja educator program can apply to sign up for the course by emailing


A completed pre-registration form, a CV and a letter outlining their motivations, interest in and suitability for the Rioja educator program will be requested at the online registration form.


Potential candidates will have to pass a personal online interview ( skype or an alternative online tool) with the program director in order to be accepted.


Education Course: Phases and Timings


Phase 1. Acceptance


All successful applicants will be contacted by email and notified with an official letter their acceptance, they will receive the course guide, and a schedule of modules/exams outlining the various steps of the program and the relevant time frame for undertaking each step.


Candidates  will be provided with a unique username and password allowing them access to the online Rioja educators’ course (As soon as the candidate has accepted a place on the educator’s program.)


Phase 2. Course , modules and exams.


Specific dates for the different phases will be communicated to the potential candidate once be accepted to participate.


2.1 Online course Candidates will study eight online modules (see details below) and be examined by means of eight multiple choice exams (one for each of the modules). All eight exams must be passed in order to progress to the next stage in the program.


2.2  Online interview with the program director.When candidates have finished the online course will have to pass a personal online interview ( skype or an alternative online tool) to be interviewed by the program director and the program panel jury in order to qualify for the next phase : the trip to rioja


2.3 Trip to Rioja. Candidates qualified will have to travel to the DOCa Rioja region to experience a 3 to 4 days where will meet with other potential candidates and will participate in a program based on technical sessions, wine tastings and visits to some of the region’s key producers and will offer candidates an opportunity to deepen their knowledge of Rioja through direct experience of the region and its wines.


2.4 Final report. After the trip candidates will have to select an specific topic regarding the Rioja wine region in order to develop a final written report based on that topic selected to be submitted to the program director within the following month of the trip in order to demonstrate the ability to use the theoretical and practical knowledge gained during the course and the abilities and knowledge as a potential Rioja wine educator. With an extension between 10 and 15 pages.


2.5 Certification.. Candidates who pass successfully the former phases will obtain the certification of Rioja wine educator.


The educational program is based on the development of certain specific abilities by the future Rioja educator. It is important to point out that this program is not based only on the development of certain specific knowledge on the wines of Rioja and its region, but on the development of certain abilities of communication and attitudes related to the role as trainers and transmitters of the passion for the wines of Rioja.



Cost of the Program


DOCa RIOJA will not charge any tuition. The only cost will be the plane ticket that each candidate will have to organize and cover for the trip to Rioja of the last part of the Rioja Wine Educators Course. The expenses of your stay in Rioja will be covered by the Council.



List of Online Course Modules


  1. Module 1: Geography and Terroir
  2. Module 2: Grapes and Vticulture
  3. Module 3: Winemaking and Ageing
  4. Module 4: Quality Control
  5. Module 5: The Economy, Markets and Marketing
  6. Module 6: Past, Present and Future
  7. Module 7: Tourism and Gastronomy
  8. Module 8: Statistics