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7 Delicious Rosé Wines for Mother's Day

05 May
2017-05-05 00:00:00
2017-05-05 00:00:00

7 Delicious Rosé Wines for Mother's Day

Always a question, isn’t it, what to get mom for Mother’s Day? Well, why not acouple of bottles of rosé?

Always a question, isn’t it, what to get mom for Mother’s Day? My brother and I, forinstance, in a fit of 9- and 7-year-old genius, once got my mother a mushroom farmfor this holiday. It was a cardboard box of dirt. You were supposed to park it in a closet for two months, and then, wonder of wonders, you’d have a heaping helping of tasty shrooms (the edible kind, not the hallucinogenic ones).

My mother, while taken aback, adopted a cheerful expression while accepting thissomewhat agrarian gesture of love. However, I think she would have been happierthen—and I know she’d be happier now—if I just got her a couple of bottles of rosé.

Yes, it’s a bit of a cliché getting mom some pink wine; rather like buying dad a bottleof Scotch. But who cares: Rosé is great, it’s mind-bendingly popular right now, andmom can pop open a couple of bottles on the porch while playing canasta with herfriends, assuming anyone still plays canasta. And if you really want to go long, youcould surprise her with a matching pink corkscrew, for instance, or (depending onher politics) a pink pussy hat—I suggest this metal-stud spiked one, especially if mom happens to spend her off-hours riding a Harley. Or, somewhat less controversially,you could just get her a pair of these fine Riedel rosé wine glasses ($69), specifically designed to amplify the pleasures found in a glass of pink Provençal wine.

Of course, you should also buy her a bottle of two of actual wine, like one of theseven I've recommended below. Or you could ignore all this advice and just get her a
mushroom farm. I mean, she’s still going to love you no matter what you get her—
because that’s what moms are for, right?

Read more and discover the 7 wines here.

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